My name is Tania Rose Esteban,

A Half English-half Spanish 20 year old, I have spent the last 16 years of my life in a quiet, secluded mountain in Southern Spain. These past 12 years at college have been rather eventful, and the way in which nature has influenced my life has been a blessing as it has allowed me to find my true calling and passion in life; animals! From a young age, the natural world fascinated me, and it enthralled me how elaborately complex and interconnected all living things were. I have lived in the countryside all my life and been very lucky as I have had incredible encounters with wildlife all around me.IMG_6355

I have been fortunate enough to conduct two years of analytical research on the behavioural ecology of Short-Toed eagles and European Bee-eaters. I relished every moment and the experience enabled me to develop my research skills, (and patience!) whilst appreciating the practical element of learning out in the field in such a biologically diverse wilderness. I took detailed records on behaviour, diet, field sketches, short video clips and photographed the various individuals I got to know in an entirely satisfying and personal way. Glimpsing into the world of these magnificent raptors as the seasons changed dramatically was truly inspiring! My passion for photography has also enabled me to get one of my bush fire photos on the front page of a newspaper recently. I’ve also been lucky enough to present on a local television programme at the Hipodromo Costa del Sol about the races held there, which then further encouraged me to pursue a career in wildlife filmmaking and broadcasting.


I am currently studying BSc Zoology the University of Leeds and I created and host my own wildlife radio show, Weekly Wildlife Watch where I have been fortunate enough to interview three of my heroes, Doug Allan, Simon Reeve and Dr George McGavin. Travelling has always been a dream for me, ever since I went to Mt Blanc in Switzerland in 2009, it stirred me, the thought of travelling into the unknown captivated me, and in the 3rd year at Leeds I will be able to go to South Africa as part of the course and visit the Addo Elephant Park, which has one densest Elephant populations on Earth and the “Big Seven” (elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard, southern right whale and great white shark). I will also be able to visit a private game reserve in Kwandwe which provides great accesses to large mammal fauna where I will be able to conduct my final year research project.

This is when I have now produced the Travel Talk Show to share my passion for adventure with you!


The world and all its species is precious to us all; the creation of this website is to share my passion for photography and for wildlife, but most of all to inspire others to continue to care and make a difference to the lives of animals and humans for generations to come. I very much look forward to all the adventures that await me!


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